555 Villa Thai @ Changi

Ever missed Bangkok? Here’s an enclave to retreat to before the next +66 trip. Located in between the Changi Aiport and army base, it’s hard to imagine that any places of leisure and fun could exist there. With lots of colourful lights and graffiti, the vibes of Thailand was successfully recreated – complete with a rocking live band that would keep you awake past midnight.

It’s pretty romantic to watch airplanes landing and flying off, while sipping on some Thai milk tea.

Prawn Paste Chicken Wings ($10) – 3 full wings in a portion and they go perfectly with drinks. Yummy!
Tom Yum Gung ($16.90) – This definitely got my vote! It came in a steaming pot with charcoal to keep the soup warm. The soup had the right tang and spice, and the seafood was very fresh.
Thai Iced Milk Tea ($7) – I was really surprised that the cup was so huge! Great for sharing between 2!

555 Villa Thai is famous for their mookata but a little bird tells me that you’d be better off with their ala-carte menu. The experience here was very memorable and I’d definitely be back! There’s even an indoor area with karaoke and darts… which I’m leaving till the next!

555 Villa Thai
30 Cosford Road
Tel: 9771 5210 (SMS no. to reserve)
Opening Hours: Daily, 5PM till late
Website: https://www.facebook.com/555villathai/

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