Nesuto @ Tras Street

The Japanese-inspired cake selection here is pretty awesome, ranging from small exquisite cakes with many components within, to sliced cakes. They do not come cheap, but if you appreciate cakes, I know you’ll enjoy this. The cafe recommends tea-pairing with their cakes – a great combination for a nice afternoon tea!

Miss Isphan ($10) – This was a combination of lychee and rose. A typical combo but different executions explored new textures of components within a small piece of cake. I love how light the entire cake was and the sweetness was perfectly-handled.
Berry Bliss (?) ($10) – I couldn’t remember the name of this cake… and its taste was just as unmemorable too. It consisted of raspberry and yoghurt mousse and after a wonderful Miss Isphan, this turned out a little too sweet and heavy for me.
Lychee Oolong Tea & Peach Oolong Tea ($9.90 each pot) – Each pot is good for 2 and you can have one refill. I especially loved the Peach Oolong Tea – fragrant yet subtly boasting its fruitiness.

Will definitely be back to try their sliced cakes – including black sesame and matcha!

53 Tras Street
Opening hours: Daily, 12-9.30PM
Tel: 69202922


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