Candlenut Peranakan @ COMO Dempsey

The only Peranakan restaurant in the world that has achieved 1 Michelin Star is right here on our shores. Helmed by Chef Malcolm Lee, I’ve first tried Candlenut before it got its shiny star and when it was still operating at Dorsett. In comparison, I would say that food now has become more delicious and memorable, with some really traditional Peranakan punch.

Charcoal Grilled Local Chicken Satay ($16) – Satay never tasted this good, though it pains me to realise that each stick costs $4.
Crispy Beancurd Skin Ngoh Hiang ($16) – A very substantial roll and I love that the unexpected chewy bits within, which turned out to be diced mushroom bits.
Chap Chye ($18) – Every spoonful of chap chye was bursting with umami flavours. The broth was so rich and flavourful, and the veggies were of the perfect softness – really faultless to me.

Ocean Barramundi Assam Pedas ($26) – The assam gravy was awesome – spicy and tangy – all on the right notes. Very fresh barramundi and it comes in a thick slab.
Grilled Local Chicken Leg, Yellow Turmeric Candlenut Broth ($22) – Looks can be real deceiving. The gravy was full of lemongrass punch and the chicken came boneless. A great dish to go with rice.
Whole Squid, Fresh Yellow Turmeric Sambal ($24) – The tender squid had a nice smoky charcoal flavour to it and slightly spicy with its sambal, it certainly had my vote.
Chendol Panna Cotta ($10) – The pudding was very velvety and soft, similar to the texture of soya beancurd. Nice rendition, though I still prefer to have my chendol dessert with shaved ice.

What stood out to me most was the gravies you get at Candlenut. Each dish had its own unique gravy flavour, all of which go well with rice. Price point was pretty steep – the bill totalled up to about $240 for 3 people, but if you take the shiny star into consideration, it’s probably not as bad as Western courses! My only grouch was that service was bad as the staff were very cocky, and we didn’t make us feel welcome at all.

Candlenut @ COMO Dempsey
17 & 18 Dempsey Road
Opens daily for lunch & dinner
Tel: 1800 304 2288

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