Plentyfull @ Millenia Walk

A place of restoration, Plentyfull serves up honest, hearty food in a market table luncheon spread by day, and by night, it transforms into a modern brasserie that presents an ala carte menu inspired by seasonal, fresh and quality produce. I’ve visited Plentyfull three times – the first was to have tea, second was to have lunch on a working day and third was for dinner. It did not fail to impress me with its wholesome food – all made from scratch in-house. The word ‘restaurant’ derives from the French verb restaurer, meaning to restore. First used in the 16th century, it describes meat-based consommés intended to rejuvenate people. This is exactly Plentyfull’s philosophy.
An open-kitchen with a long counter is where you will pass by as you step into this beautiful place of restoration.
My heart flutters as I look at this photo. Really incredible space at Plentyfull! In the day, warm sunlight bathes the entire restaurant – perfect lighting for your photos.
A dedicated bar for drinks! 😉
Lovely placemat and menu!
An overview of what I’ll be introducing to you on their dinner menu!
A special trolley with appetiser goodies will be pushed around for you to grab some small bites before the food arrives! We tried the plum-salted tomatoes and it was absolutely delicious! Even the boy who doesn’t eat tomatoes was loving them!
Tofu Caprese [Silken tofu dressed in yuzu soy dressing with plum tomatoes, shallot & seeds] ($14) – I couldn’t wait to dig into all the colourful and nourishing food! Here’s a nice cold dish of tofu with the same amazing plum tomatoes. The dressing and crunchy leaves would certainly whet the appetite and leave you yearning for more!
House-Smoked Mussels on Toast [House-smoked mussels with charred scallion yoghurt & kimchi tomatoes] ($24) – You may not tell from the photo but a generous handful of mussels topped every piece of toast. The toast was fluffy and airy, despite being slathered with yoghurt and olive oil. The mussels had a smoky flavour to it – it was simply decadent when biting into each toast. Great sharing plate!
Little Farms’ Vegetable Dip [With seasonal market selected vegetables] ($16) – Unless you’re a huge fan of vegetables, you may want to gear away from this as it is literally a vege-only plate. From Aussie, these are not the usual ones you’ll find at the market. From purple carrot to purple cauliflower, they are lightly grilled and accompanied with wonderful dips – my favourite was the carrot dip which was sweeter in flavour.
Short-Rib Ragu with House-Made Parpadelle [With confit vine tomatoes & pecorino cheese] ($26) – Here comes the main course! My favourite dish of the night was none other than this. The parpadelle was homemade thus it had a desirable al-dente chew to it – extremely well done there. The ragu sauce was perfection too. Flavoursome, without being overwhelming – this is precisely the trick to creating a pasta dish that captures to my heart and this was it. Coupled with fork-tender meat, I will come back to Plentyfull just to have this.
Pumpkin Pillow Gnocchi [Pan-fried pumpkin dumplings, greens & pecorino cheese in a brown butter & sage sauce] ($24) – I always find that gnocchi dishes are hard to perfect – they can get too heavy and too doughy. However, this one here came in bite-sized pieces that were lightly seared on the surface which prevented the doughy, sluggish texture of the usual gnocchi in Italian restaurants. Really genius. The butter sauce always breaks away from the usual dense and creamy sauce. This gnocchi dish drew out the best of what it could be. Those greens and crispy rice puffs make the dish less monotonous as well. Nice touch there!
Plentyfull Fries [Humble russet potatoes shaved, stacked, steamed & fried] ($12) – Fries reinterpreted in the most interesting of manners! Each stick consists of multiple thin layers of potatoes stacked on top of one another, sliced to chunks and fried. The cross-section will reveal the layers of effort put into for this dish. This was certainly another highlight of the night for me – very addictive!
House Flatbread [With nori butter, elderflower caramel & EVO oil] ($10) – A naan-like bread that goes well with everything!
Finally, desserts! All pastries and cakes at Plentyfull are baked in-house by a pastry chef. Don’t leave without trying them!
Devil’s Food Cake [Devil’s food sponge layered with valrhona dark chocolate ganache] ($9) – Thick, gooey and dark. Flawless is the word for this cake.
Dulcey Hazelnut Tart [Dulcey (valrhona caramelized white chocolate) ganache with a crunchy hazelnut feuillitine base chocolate tart] ($8) – Though I found this a little too sweet for my liking, I really liked the crunchy base which was filled with crushed hazelnuts and chocolate. Definitely a pleaser for those with a sweet tooth!
Choux Puff ($6) – A winner of the lot, do not be deceived by the seemingly plain-looking puff. Spiked with alcohol within, a slight nudge would ooze the most silky of creams from the thin choux puff encasing that good stuff. Very impressive.
Queen’s Cake [Strawberry sponge layered with rose cream and fruits (lychees & raspberries)] ($9) – Of course, the Queen’s Cake would deserve its own limelight. Apart from donning my favourite colour, it contains all of my favourite ingredients too – rose, lychee and raspberries. This is a very light sponge with light, flowery flavours – great to round up a fantastic meal.
Avocado Coco [Fresh avocado, coconut water, fresh spinach, honey, yoghurt] ($11) – All the power food packed in a cup. Approved.
In a perfect circle of collaboration, Plentyfull also features a retail section managed by this farming collective, Little Farms, from which they obtain some of its ingredients from.

The menu at Plentyfull changes regularly to showcase the season’s best and to map the travels and diverse heritage of the culinary team. Head on down for the season’s freshest!


9 Raffles Boulevard #01-79/80, Millenia Walk
Mondays to Sundays: 8am to 10:30pm (Last order 9.30pm for food; 10pm for desserts)
Brunch: Saturdays & Sundays: 10:30am to 5pm
Tel: 6493 2997

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