Tang Restaurant & Bar @ Keong Saik

Have you ever dreamt of having quality steamboat without the queues and hustle of popular steamboat chains? Tang Restaurant & Bar has just made your dream come true. Located at the trendy F&B cluster of Keong Saik, you will have no idea that behind the glass door is a steamboat restaurant as the front of the house is a bar. The restaurant sits 38 people, with private rooms available for booking too. Essentially, you will be able to dine in a private and comfortable environment – a far cry from what is available in the market right now. A game-changer here? I believe so. Read on the find out more!

Helmed by Chef Zoubing from Sichuan, Tang specialises in Sichuan soup base (which we didn’t try), and the sauce on the left is homemade by chef! Oh, this sauce was extremely tasty – garlicky, spicy and fragrant. By the end of the meal, I wiped out 2 portions of this. 🙂 The black fungus on the right is a mini appetiser that varies from day to day. You can request for their sesame sauce as well – goes extremely well with meat cuts! What’s more, Chef Zoubing visits the wet market on a daily basis to source quality ingredients, enabling him to create his wide variety of hand crafted signature dishes. #supportlocal

Combination Pot with 2 Soups [Tomato Soup & House Special Soup (pork bones, old hen and fish & fish bones)] ($21+) – The soup of a steamboat definitely makes or breaks your entire dining experience. First, I’m very happy to share that all the soups at Tang are MSG-free! This is a huge win for me as I consume many bowls of soup (my record is the entire pot) during steamboat sessions. Hence, to know that the soups are nourishing and tasty, without any additives, gives me a peace of mind. There are 3 types of soup here, including the ones we had and Authentic Sichuan Spices soup base. I really love the unadulterated taste of both soups, especially the tomato one which comes with a bit of a spicy kick! The sweetness of both soup bases come from long hours of cooking. Definitely appreciating the hard work here!

Dumplings in Sichuan Sauce ($5) – While waiting for your food to be cooked, start off with this wonderful dumplings dish, commonly found in dimsum menus! The dumpling skin was extremely smooth and encases the well-seasoned meat perfectly. Happiness in a bite!

Homemade Cilantro Meat Balls ($14) – This dish consists of prawn balls, meat balls, fish balls and squid balls. They are created by meticulously hand-grinding the meat to ensure the right texture. When cooked, they were springy in texture and you could really taste the freshness of the ingredients put into them. Easily my favourite meat balls of all the steamboat restaurants!

Shrimp Paste Dome ($14) – Similar to the shrimp balls, you could enjoy this in larger chunks! The shrimps were very fresh and absorbed the essence of the soup when cooked. If only I could have this with noodles for dinner everyday!

Translucent Sliced Fish (12 Slices) ($22) – Wow, have you ever seen fish sliced up so thinly? That must be some skills from the chef! According to the chef, this allows maximum taste and absorption of flavours from the broth. I didn’t notice that as I was spamming everything with the homemade sauce!

Australia Wagyu Striploin ($21/100g) – Now, time for the meats! Sliced thinly like the fish, each slice was huge. The end result? A satisfying chunk of meat that is tender and soft. Amazing is an understatement.

Spanish Iberico Pork ($14/100g) – This cut at a balanced ratio of meat to fats, which in my opinion is the best of both worlds! Again, as it is sliced thinly, the meat cooks in the broth for less than 10 seconds and produces a tender texture.

Japanese Momoiro Pork Belly ($15/100g) – They say fatty cuts are the tastiest. While I do agree with that, for someone as health-conscious as me, I’d very much prefer the Iberico pork. Don’t get me wrong though, if you are all for the fats, I’d highly encourage you to order this instead.

Homemade Fish Noodles ($16) – Fish noodles! I never leave a steamboat restaurant without having fish noodles. Where else can you find it? This huge portion is good to share amongst 3 to 4 people. Unlike other restaurants where the fish noodles are springier, the ones here at Tang was less so. When paired with the soup, it was a match made in heaven.

Mushrooms Platter ($12) – Some mushrooms to complete the meal!

Oh, what a feast we were treated to! To me, Tang is a boutique steamboat restaurant that really prides itself in giving customers a memorable dining experience, through its food and service. To ensure that their guests eat the food at its best, a service staff is assigned to each table, serving and assisting guests in cooking the steamboat ingredients, within the correct timing. In addition, a number of carefully curated wines are available at Tang, including champagnes and whiskies. Yep, get ready to be pampered!

Tang Restaurant & Bar
25 Keong Saik Road
Tel: 6222 7708 / 8727 5881
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TangRestaurantBar/

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