District 10’s ‘Lunch Steak-Out’ @ Suntec City

Did you know that all District 10 outlets have different specialities? This one that I’m going to introduce you to at Suntec City, specialises in Fiorentina steaks! Yes, it prides itself as a steakhouse with the best-priced bistecca alla fiorentina, or Fiorentina steaks, in town. The last time I had a Fiorentina steak was probably 5 years ago, as it is not as cheap as other cuts of beef. But good news, you can now bring along 2 other friends/family members and enjoy District 10’s Great Lunch Steak-Out at $45 per pax, Fiorentina steak, with a choice of 1 starter included. Is your heart pulsating yet?

Muscleman doing his thing. Sawing off the T-bone steak ain’t easy at all, we realised.

As we were gawking at our meats, here’s some bread to keep the saliva from drooling. Here are some facts I learnt during the time that our food was cooking. The Fiorentina, or T-bone steak, originates from Florence (no surprise). Served on the bone, the Fiorentina steak consists of two types of cut within one steak – the tenderloin and the sirloin, hence you get both the fattier and leaner meats in the same dish. Like all good meats, a good Fiorentina steak boasts a thick cut, and a typical portion for 3 weighs at a generous 700g.

Soup of the Day (Crabmeat Soup) [Part of $45 Set, Choose 1] – Steeped in a tomato base, the crabmeat was flavourful and sweet. It adequately whets your appetite for the steak coming up – oh the anticipation! My only gripe was that it was not served piping hot.

Butter Lettuce Salad (Served with Pancetta, Hazelnut and Egg) [Part of $45 Set, Choose 1] – For those who love your greens, opt for this salad. The portion was generous and would have been substantial for a light lunch, so do go slow on that as you want to save some stomach space for the highlight of the meal. A very simple salad, it was fresh and refreshing.

Charcoal Grilled Traditional Fiorentina Steak [Part of $45 Set] – How long did you stare at the photo? What a gorgeous slab of meat! Prepared the traditional way – the Fiorentina is lightly seasoned with sea salt, pepper and extra virgin olive oil and grilled over coal fire. Key: coal fire. The coal fire would melt the bone marrow over the meat, hence enhancing the beefy flavour and resulting in loads of juiciness. Apart from the visual feast, the taste was absolutely wicked. The edges were charred and caramelised, giving the meat an aromatic smell achieved through grilling over open fires. Done medium-rare, the meat could be either tender or fatty, depending on which side you choose. I love the fattier bits as the fats simply melt in your mouth. At the same time, the leaner portions were tender and juicy (look at the juice glistening). You can be sure that I’m missing this very badly right now.

Grilled Calamari ($25) [From Ala-carte Menu] – So apart from the Steak-Out Lunch set, we have tried other signature items from the District 10 Ala-carte menu. This is my top favourite. Oh, they do their grills so well. The aroma to this was intense, you could smell it a table away. Once you bite into it, you can appreciate the tenderness and springiness of the squid, dancing in your mouth. The seasoning was even more impressive. I tried to dig out possible ingredients/recipes from the staff, but it’s top secret. That’s the only way to keep people coming back eh? A must-order for me!

Beef Tartare ($26) [From Ala-carte Menu] – I rarely order beef tartare as I don’t believe in having my meat raw but this was acceptable. Though I still am not a fan of raw meat, I must say that the seasoning of it made a difference. Spiked with lots of herbs, marinades and parmesan, it’s like eating a pate.

Ham & Melon ($26) [From Ala-carte Menu] – Always a fan of this Italian starter! Sweet melon always scores and that Parma made me miss Parma. 

Rosemary Garlic Fries ($10) [Side order to go with steak] – Don’t have your steak alone without sides, ‘cos District 10 serves up realllly good ones. Trust me. Not the usual shoe-string fries, these got me hooked with their softness in the middle, while maintaining its crisp on the outside. More importantly, they weren’t drenched in oil and salt. Yumminess!

Creamy Truffle Mash ($14) [Side order to go with steak] – If you can’t decide what to get for your sides, take this. The mash was a dream – velvety, dense and truffle-y. No words needed. 

Sauteed Mushrooms ($12) [Side order to go with steak] – Mushroom lovers will definitely approve of it, and so do I. Not too sure of the type of mushroom (button mushroom?), but they were QQ and buttery in taste. 

Sauteed Creamy Baby Spinach ($10) [Side order to go with steak] – Sigh, all the sides were so good. Even spinach could be so tasty. The spinach was cooked perfectly and the light cream sauce complemented the spinach very well. That said, $10 is rather steep for a small portion of vege. 

Another photo of the Fiorentina steak to well… tempt you. 🙂

A summary of my steak and sides. Every single component was flawless and they are worth every single cent.

Espresso Panna Cotta with Vanilla sauce ($12) – Rounded up the awesome meal with some desserts! You may not be able to tell, but this panna cotta was extremely wobbly – a good sign for all panna cottas! It literally melted in my mouth – it was that good. The generous amount of vanilla pods sure got me excited as well. The espresso may not be strong enough for coffee lovers but I thought it was a nice balance between coffee and vanilla. The caramel crunch bits at the side added a nice contrast in texture. My vote for desserts goes to this. 

Homemade Traditional Tiramisu ($16) – Though the tiramisu is the popular dessert here, I found it too dry and the alcohol level was negligible. To me, a good tiramisu must have soaked finger biscuits spiked with lots of kahlua. The ratio between cream to finger biscuits to sponge must be determined well too. Sadly, this fell short of my expectations.

I must say that I did not expect my meal to turn out this great! The Fiorentina steak won me over hands-down, so did all the other dishes that I have tried. Time to grab a bunch of friends along or treat your whole family to a feast! The lunch set requires a minimum of 3 to dine – the more people you have, the heavier your steak becomes. Only available from 11.30am to 2.30pm on Mondays-Saturdays! There are also other set lunch menus worth checking out at District 10, including a 2-course menu at $32, and a three-course at $38 per person.


District 10 @ Suntec City
3 Temasek Boulevard Suntec City Mall (beside Tower 2 Office Lobby) #01-514/515
Tel: 6822 2886
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/District10BarandRestaurant

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