Burnt Ends [Asia’s No. 30] @ Teck Lim Road

In merely 3 years, Burnt Ends had soared to the top and most recently been named Asia’s Top 50 Restaurant, coming in at No. 30. The brainchild of Dave Pynt, the open kitchen is dominated by huge open ovens and grills, filled with apple and almond woods. True to its name, all the food here hits the grill. Diners will enjoy close proximity to the chefs at work, and experience the intensity that they undergo as the orders peak through the night. “Yes Chef” will be what you hear all night.

Fresh ingredients displayed right in front of me! Yes, these are the famous leeks that Burnt Ends is famed for. Besides giving your tastebuds a treat, with all the action happening right in front of you, you’re in for a theatrical performance.

Leek, Hazelnut & Brown Butter ($16) – I know it does not make sense to be paying $16 for a leek, but this is a must-try. You’ll never imagine that leeks can taste THIS GOOD. The leek was cooked thoroughly – soft and mushy, with the slight crunch as you tear through the layers of fibre. The hazelnuts, herbs and gravy were so heavenly when combined with the leeks. You may want to order some sourdough to lick up those gravy (that’s what we did)!

Burnt Ends’ Sanger [Pulled pork shoulder, cole slaw, chipotle aioli, brioche bun] ($20) – Let me tell you this. No one leaves Burnt Ends without trying their Sanger. If I may, I would confer this as the best burger in Singapore. The explosion of flavours from the very first bite will get you hooked and sharing may no longer be on the books. Extremely generous with its filling, the tender pork and crunchy slaw makes the perfect marriage. The well-buttered soft brioche tasted just as good on its own, but even better with its fillings. I’d go back everyday just for this, and I’m not the only one who feels this way. 🙂

Kingfish & Chimichurri ($28) – This didn’t win me by its looks, but this was the bomb. This must be my first time trying kingfish and its taste and texture mirror that of a cod fish. Perfectly grilled, it was oozing with juice as my fork dug in. The herby-vege paste on top reminded me a little of the leeks, and complemented the fish well. Pity the portion was small though.

King Crab & Garlic Brown Butter ($75) – Woohoo, here’s the highlight of the night! It was between beef and the king crab and we chose the seafood since we were ordering the Sanger. Also, it’s pretty rare to see king crab legs that come in whole in restaurants! Ordering this was definitely the best choice. The shells were cracked so it was a breeze getting the chunks of meat out but going with your hands is still the way to go. The meat was power-packed, sweet and fresh. I’m salivating as I’m recalling the taste of this. Simply mind-blowing. No words could describe how good this tasted. Also, it was pretty substantial for 2!

Mint & Chocolate ($12) – The dessert did not impress me as much as the savoury dishes. I only remembered the different chocolate textures and an icy mint ice cream. Is it too much to have my desserts blow-torched?

I do see why Burnt Ends stand out from the plethora of restaurants we have in Singapore. The entire experience was one-of-a-kind and it made me want to be back for more, to try the long list of dishes. Getting a seat here probably takes about a month, so do book way in advance! You will not regret this.


Burnt Ends
20 Teck Lim Road
Tel: +65 6224 3933

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