Takujo Fine Dining @ Emporium Shokuhin, Marina Square

Ever since Emporium Shokuhin opened, I’ve been frequenting the array of restaurants it offers (read reviews of Umi+Vino & Senmi Sushi). Takujo is one of the higher-end restaurants over here, providing high-quality cuts of meat and seafood, as well as a more exclusive, private environment as compared to its counterparts. At the start of the meal, the server will roll over an ice tray of fresh seafood of the day, for you to order if you wish to. My oysters below are from the selection!
Fresh Oysters with Ponzu Sauce ($7/each) – Freshly-shucked, the oysters were plump are fresh. No taste of fishiness at all, especially with those tangy condiments. Served chilled.
Chawanmushi ($6) – This small bowl of goodness left a deep impression on me. Ultra smooth and velvety, the egg custard will melt on your tongue once delivered into the mouth. Couldn’t stop praising while eating this!
Yellowtail Carpaccio w Ponzu Dressing ($22) – Pretty value for money for 8 slices of yellowtail! Carpaccio and ponzu are a fail-proof combo.
Grilled A5 ‘Miyazaki’ Ribeye w Yuzu Kosho & Wasabi ($68) – Now comes the highlight of the meal, and one of the most expensive dishes on the menu. For a meagre number of 6 slices, you’re literally eating meat that is made of gold! Of course, this was nothing less than heavenly. Simple execution for a great piece of meat. Good things always come with a price tag.
Braised Black Pork Belly ($20) – Here’s something more affordable and as tasty! I loved how the meat was fork-tender and surprisingly, it was not all fats – pretty much 1:4 ratio of fats to meat. *thumbs up*
Seafood in a Bag ($38) – Seafood lovers, hands up! This is a parchment bag of seafood luxury. Packed with half a Boston lobster, scallop, fish and different types of vege, this is good with just a plain bowl of white rice. Yums! You can imagine how sweet the broth was.
Thinly-sliced A5 ‘Miyazaki’ w Udon ($38) – If you’re craving for the A5 beef you saw earlier, but the price is holding you back, here’s a cheaper alternative (that is highly worth it too, the aunty in me says)! Let me just describe this: huge pieces of beef soaked in a homemade broth, with a little rawness left in them, on a bed of perfectly-textured udon. Sounds yummy? You bet it was. I’ll come back just for this bowl of paradise.
Fish Head Claypot Rice ($38) – This feeds 3-4 persons, and highly recommended as well. The claypot rice is cooked only upon order, hence it will take quite some time. However, the result is plump grains of rice with that little bit of stickiness that glues the surface of each grain together (so that feeding yourself won’t be a chore), while the chewiness remains. You won’t believe how fragrant the rice was too. The fish head was fresh and spiked with lots of ginger. Great way to end a wonderful dinner!
Kurogoma Pudding ($7) – Didn’t fancy too much of the black sesame pudding (couldn’t remember why either).
Genmaicha Ice Cream ($6) – The ice cream came in cubes, which was the most ideal.

Takujo would be at the top of my mind if I want no-fuss fine-dining Japanese food. I have been here twice and each time I was amazed by the food here. Not only was each dish unique, they were so refined, it was difficult to find fault in anything, apart from the desserts.


Takujo Fine Dining
Emporium Shokuhin
#01-18 Marina Square
6 Raffles Avenue
Tel: 6224 3433
Web: http://www.emporiumshokuhin.com.sg/dining/Takujo

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