Kai Garden @ Marina Square

It’s merely one week away from Chinese New Year, yet I haven’t caught on with the season’s celebrations. How about you? If you’re looking for a Chinese restaurant to host your friends and relatives, look no further. One of the latest additions to Marina Square’s revamped Dining Edition, Kai Garden is a homely Cantonese restaurant that gives an edge to its dishes. By pushing the status quo, the dimsum menu at Kai Garden is one-of-a-kind, with many innovative spins around the usuals. I understood from the really warm and friendly service crew that the head chef used to be from Paradise Group, hence you’ll find some familiarity in the dishes.
DSC07138  DSC07140 DSC07141
Peking Duck ($48 for half) – A must-order and the signature at Kai Garden, the peking duck is one of the best I’ve had in a long while! My family loves it so much that we went back a week later just to have this again. Half a peking duck is good to feed 3-4 people. Let’s start with the duck. Notice how the duck is slightly smaller? This also meant that you won’t get undesirable layers of fat with your duck skin. Next, comes the homemade crepe skin which come in 5 colous. The white is original, black is bamboo-charcoal, green is spinach, red is beetroot and yellow is pumpkin. Dyed using natural flavours, you can’t exactly taste the difference between them but the texture of the crepe skin was very well-done. Apart from the unique crepe skin, the peking duck comes in 5 accompanying sauces too, namely traditional peking duck sauce, black pepper sauce, special mixed sauce, crab and prawn sauce, and sesame sauce. Ultimately, my favourite is still the typical traditional sauce. Don’t forget to add that corn cracker to give you an extra oomph-factor!
Scallop Dumplings ($9.80) – Abosolutely loved this! The dumpling skin was thin and soft, encasing large chunks of scallop and prawn meat, topped with a tiny abalone. I loved how moist the entire biteful was as well.
Cod Fish Fritters ($9.80) – This was recommended by the service crew, however, it was not exactly to my liking. The cod fish inside was rather dry though its black-pepper flavour was tasty.
Steamed Pork Ribs – You know how at some dimsum restaurants, their pork ribs come heavily soaked in oil? Not this. Mixed with tiny cubes of yam, the pork rib chunks were tender and flavourful.
Dumplings in Chilli Oil – Spiked with lots of scallion, the dumplings were juicy and aromatic. The chilli-vinegar mix whetted my appetite further. Excellent!
Pan-fried Siew Mai – Now, here’s another hot favourite – siew mais that are being pan-fried and topped with loads of ebiko. Barring the novelty of this, I’d choose the dumplings in chilli oil over this as this didn’t give me the same sense of satisfaction upon the first bite.
Char Siew ($14.80) – No. No. No. A lacklustre dish, the meat was lightly marinated and tough. Let’s save some stomach space here.
Dumpling Lobster Soup ($14.90) – Don’t leave Kai Garden without having this bowl of goodness! This is the first time I’ve seen a restaurant infusing the essence of lobster into my favourite dumpling soup. The broth was rich, and full of the flavours of lobster. Certainly not an easy feat to achieve this umami flavour. Break into the dumpling and dig into more treasures. Easily another favourite of mine.
Coconut Puree – Lots of fresh coconut pulp in here! Coconut lovers, rejoice!


Kai Garden is easily accessible to many in terms of its pricing and style of dishes. You certainly need not head to a hotel for a wonderful dimsum lunch now! They have many private rooms available, great for family reunion dinners this CNY! 🙂


Kai Garden
#03-128A, Marina Square
6 Raffles Boulevard
Tel: 6250 4826

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