Hotel Review: The South Beach Hotel @ Beach Road

First post of 2016 is dedicated to a hotel of where I spent the first minutes of 2016 at – the new The South Beach hotel. Designed by renowned French designer Philippe Starck, the latest luxury hotel in Singapore boasts a capacity of 654 rooms and suites. The South Beach is a project that consists of the luxury hotel, residences, offices (where FB SG is at!) and retail. Conserved heritage buildings, including 3 military blocks, form part of the architecture. There are also 2 sky gardens in the hotel! Read on to find out how impressive the hotel rooms are!
The main lobby was akin to the living room of a rich and famous. Unlike traditional hotels, checking in here was pretty fuss-free with everything digitalised and managed via surface pros. No wires, no papers to sign. Each booth had a different cupboard and chandelier, reflecting many cultures of the world.
The experience starts from the lift. As the layers of sea creatures are in different colours, what you see is changed according to the ever-varying light within the lift. The lift door is reflective, hence creating a feeling of being under the ocean. Life-changing moment.
And here’s my room! Really spacious and cosy, and of course, new. Different rooms have a different wallpaper and I’m glad I had clouds for mine. I loved the lounging area by the side of the room.
Really cosy beds and linens – perfect for a good night’s sleep.
Where the wardrobe and amenities are hidden at. The reflective surface created an illusion of a bigger space. Love the pop of lime here!
View of the TV and study table. The chair rocks (literally)!
Thier bathrobes are superb! Goodbye cheap, scruffy bathrobes.
Complimentary mini-bar.
All part of the package!
TWG tea for you?
Awesome reads provided.
When I was here on NYE, there was a popcorn truck and candy floss machine!
You can order room service and draw your curtains and blinds right from the TV. Good for lazy people.
Checking out the bathroom! Clean and functional.
Lots of mirrors! The shower and toilet are behind me. Oh, the toilet bowl is pretty high-tech too, with washing and drying functions. I also love the fact the it is warm when you sit on it.
Atas bath amenities included.
DSC07002  DSC07011 DSC07012
Sky garden from the 18 floor. Gorgeous view of the CBD.
Image 1
Floats provided!
Image 3
The 8-min long fireworks that I was treated to during countdown! 🙂
My only gripe about my stay here was my breakfast. The selection was definitely not what I expected for a luxury five-star hotel. Most of the food did not catch my attention and I practically stopped after this plate of food. Not the best way to end a staycation!

The South Beach is somewhere that I’ll stay over and over again, though I’ll opt for breakfast in the room next time! The feeling of ‘life is good’ just fills you the moment you step into the room – I would call it the X factor.


The South Beach
30 Beach Road

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