Buffet: Colony @ The Ritz-Carlton Singapore

One of the best new openings for 2015 is definitely Colony, Ritz-Carlton’s new buffet restaurant which replaced Greenhouse. The entire concept is so refreshing following its renovation – a huge step away from the original buffet powerhouse, bringing its game a notch up.  The theme surrounding the restaurant depicts the sea voyage of the British and their journey to the East Indies. Frames after frames of vintage photos are hung on the partitions, reminiscent of the British colony. There are 8 conservatory kitchens in the restaurant, with ‘live’ kitchens to showcase various cuisines. The photos ahead will speak its story.

Buffet lunch is priced at $58 per adult, from Mondays to Saturdays. 
DSC06279 DSC06305  DSC06295
Starters station is in the middle of the restaurant. Here’s some fresh seafood on ice.
Sashimi with a chef on standby to refill the tray.
Sushi and smoked salmon.
Salad bar of my dreams – from asparagus to pomegranate, mini mozzarella balls and avocado… they absolutely read my mind.
The waft of cheese smell was too distinct.
Fancy some parma ham or chorizo?
Had to resist taking a whole plate of my favourite raw veges.
The new extension is at the back of the restaurant where the live kitchens and hot food are at.
Live noodles station! Check out those ingredients!
I ordered their laksa with lobster balls! Sedap.
Free-flow cereal prawns! O.m.g.
The only item I took from the Indian Kitchen.
A pretty setup of the bread table. There’re even gluten-free bakes!
My satays got an upgrade!
DSC06291 DSC06292
Fresh roasts.
This was on point. Rice was extremely fragrant and that meat was simply tender and well-marinated. The deciding factor, which was the chilli sauce, was packed with lots of punch. Don’t head to this station too late if you want to snag a drumstick!
In the same area, you’ll find lots of cut fruits too – from strawberries to blueberries and blackberries, you’ll find something you fancy.
Live juice station.
Save your stomach for some decadent desserts! From mini parfaits to tarts and cakes, you’ll be in for a treat! I was really amazed by how each dessert was so exquisitely crafted.
Are you a dark, milk or white choc person?
Also, don’t miss out on their homemade ice cream! If you can, you should try all flavours, otherwise, strawberry is my all-time favourite. They haven’t changed their recipe since day one, ‘cos it can’t any better. ❤
Warm chocolate tart, shown below.
Pretty little things! My favourite of the lot was the warm chocolate tart that has dark chocolate lava housed in the chocolate tart and topped off with a chocolate cake top. Abandon those diet plans already!

Ritz-Carlton has always been my favourite hotel in Singapore, with many childhood memories made here. I’m so glad that with Colony, many new memories will be created. In fact, my first time at the new Colony was for my birthday lunch with the fam! Absolutely can’t wait to be back for more food!

The Ritz-Carlton Millenia, Singapore
Tel: 6434 5288
Website and Prices: Colony
7 Raffles Avenue

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