Senmi Sushi Bar @ Emporium Shokuhin, Marina Square

As mentioned in my previous post on Umi + Vino, I’m a huge fan of Emporium Shokuhin – the latest Japanese megamarket with a total of 7 restaurant concepts and this is my 2nd post of the series! I’ll be introducing the Senmi Sushi Bar, located within the market itself. It’s a pretty huge space, complete with a sushi bar, but you’ll expect long queues come peak hours. Over here, it’s pure, pure sushi and sashimi, which means that you won’t find hot noodles soups or cooked dons at all. With fresh shipments from Japan, you’ll find uber fresh seafood at pretty affordable prices here!
Self-service system here.
Spicy Salmon ($1.50/piece) – Over here, you’ll find a plethora of sushi to choose from. The great thing is that they come in single pieces, so you can try various ones in a seating!
Salmon Belly Sashimi (est. $6) – Thick chunks of fatty belly, these slid down my throat with great satisfaction. Only if the wasabi one the side was freshly-grated…
Onsen Egg ($2) – Just by the looks of it, you could tell that it was a great disappointment. The whites were watery and the yolk was coagulated.
DSC06204 DSC06207
Fresh Oysters ($4.80/piece) – An absolute must-have at this sushi bar has got to be these oysters! Judging by the size alone, you know they are well-worth every cent. Topped with ponzu sauce, the taste of the sea combined with that tinge of sourness perked me up immediately. Half a dozen please!
Salmon Cheese Roll (est. $16) – Are you salivating yet? These aburi salmon roll contained even more salmon within! My only gripe was that the cheese was not torched. Just imagine gooey, melted cheese atop the aburi salmon – it could have been perfect. If you’ve noticed, the portions were really generous.
UFO Roll [Uni + Bluefin Tuna + Fish Roe + Tempura Crunch Roll] ( est. $28) – What a visual feast! Not too shabby for something below $30! I reckon this can be a meal by itself – think chirashi don, sushi-style. I have to admit though, as I was eating the seafood wholesale, by the time I was left with the sushi roll, I was bored. That aside, I must applaud the generosity of the chefs for piling up all the uni and bluefin tuna morsels. Satisfaction.
Chirashi Don ($18) – Nothing to shout about, really. I’d choose 10 pieces of sushi over this, at the same price.

Senmi Sushi Bar is a great option if you’re around Marina Square – I can’t think of anywhere else that serves cheap and fresh sushi in the vicinity. Oh, I heard they serve up some great wagyu sushi too! Go check it out for me please!


Senmi Sushi Bar
6 Raffles Boulevard
#01-18 Marina Square, Emporium Shokuhin
Tel: 62243433

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