Gourmet Greens Week Restaurant Trail 2015

Many of you would have heard of Restaurant Week, but have you heard of Gourmet Greens Week? From 23 to 29 November, you can experience ‘green fine-dining’ as Gourmet Greens Week brings to you the natural, pristine beauty of vegetables on a plate, presented by FIJI Water and Chope.

You’ll be able to find Singapore’s hottest restaurants on the list of participating restaurants for #GourmetGreensWeek and they include cuisines such as Balinese, French, Italian, Indian and Mediterranean! The all-vegetarian menus are priced at $30++ for a four course set lunch and $45++ per person for a four course dinner. Additionally, each diner will receive a complimentary 330ml bottle of FIJI Water during your meal. Not a vegetarian? It’s time to step out of your comfort zone and brace yourself for a new wave of dining and vegetable appreciation you have never experienced before.

During our media tasting, we were hosted at 5 different restaurants where we tasted 1 course at each participating ones. I never have never imagined how vegetarian fine-dining would be like but I was constantly surprised along the way. Without further ado, I’ll let you in to my night of #GourmetGreensWeek restaurant trail!

I’ve heard so much about this latest arrival, replacing the old The Clan. Of course, Humpback famous for the oysters happy hour… but meanwhile, don’t let going green slip out of your mind!
Sunchoke, puree, kale, honeycomb from the Gourmet Greens Week Dinner Menu – First dish of the night and it was off to a great start with this impactful starter. These sunchokes, also known as Jerusalem artichokes, are imported all the way from Holland! Cooked in 3 ways to create different textures and flavours, I fell in love with them! Chef Polo created a puree out of the sunchokes, which sits as the base, while the middle tier has fried sunchokes wedges and finally thins of the sunchokes to top it off. I find that the sunchokes tasted very similar to potatoes, though milder in flavour and that is where the sweetness of the honeycomb is leveraged and comes into play. An extremely well-executed dish that would make meat-lovers fall in love with greens all over again.

A few doors down from Humpback is OSO, an Italian restaurant with a dedicated room for cured meats! Alright… back to the greens!
Nice, warm bread always makes my night. What’s more, there’s even freshly caramelised onions to go with!
Oven Baked Classic “Parmigiana” Eggplant Tomato Sauce from the Gourmet Greens Week Dinner Menu – Fancy some meatless lagsana? Eggplants and tomato sauce are layered against each other to create a dense and wholesome cube of green delight! The tomato sauce was frehs and delicious which really help in lifting the naturally dull flavours of eggplants. Great rendition I would say!

I’m in luck – soft and warm bread at 2 restaurants in a row! I’m not sure if I was just hungry, but the bread was really awesome.
Three Eggs Cooked in Spicy Tomato Sauce & Fresh Herbs from the Gourmet Greens Week Dinner Menu – Yet another star of the night, I was over the moon when I saw my runny egg atop a pile of hot tomato mess. You wouldn’t believe how out-of-the-world this tastes until you taste it for yourself. The tomato sauce is a little spicy – arriabata style – hence the extra kick. The egg was cook to perfection, and #eggporn just appeared in front of my eyes the whole time. Wipe it clean with the bread man!

Under the same group as Humpback, Sugarhall is the latest place to be seen at. Just look at that bar.
Beetroot tartin, pecan, golden beet, mascarpone cheese from the Gourmet Greens Week Dinner Menu – I can’t decide if this was meant to be a savoury or sweet dish. While the beetroot cubes are sweet and juicy and the mascarpone cheese reminded me of tiramisu, the puff pastry sang another tune. Not my favourite dish of the night, plus points for creativity!

Zabaglione Ice Cream Semifreddo with Amaretti Biscuits Crumbles from the Gourmet Greens Week Dinner Menu – All good meals have to end with good desserts. Of course, our Italian chef here from Pepenero will never disappoint! A rich and creamy ice cream beckons and the biscuits crumbles lended a nice crunch to this. No complaints!

Going green has never been this fun as chefs from the best restaurants in Singapore come together to transform the status of our humble vegetables, which have largely been considered a secondary counterpart when paired with meats and seafood. Don’t forget to hashtag photos of your meals next week with #GourmetGreensWeek to win up to $1,000 dining vouchers!

Participating restaurants include Absinthe, Afterglow, Blue Bali, Burlamacco, Highlander (Chijmes), Humpback, Luxe Sydney, Original Sin, Oso Ristorante, Pepenero, Punjab Grill, Song of India, Sugarhall, Tandoor, The Missing Pan, Neon Pigeon and Sopra Cucina & Bar.

To book, simply visit Chope at www.chope.co! Off you go! 😀

P.S.: All menus during Gourmet Greens Week are meat-­free, with a focus on vegetables, but may feature dairy and eggs.

Many thanks to Natasha for hosting us! It was a great night!

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