Cherry Garden Chinese Restaurant @ Mandarin Oriental Hotel

Cherry Garden has always been one of those places that is synonymous to Chinese fine-dining. This is my second post on Cherry Garden and I’ll be sharing with you their Weekend Dimsum Buffet! Available on Saturdays and Sundays, with 2 seatings available, the first at 11.30am and second at 2.30pm, it is priced at $64.90++ per head. It certainly is not the cheapest option for brunch, but it’ll be well worth your money! With over 40 dishes to choose from, the menu is split into categories of Dimsum, Soups & Appetizers, Seafood & Meat, Vegetables, Congee, Rice & Noodles and Desserts. Signature dishes of Cherry Garden are included in this menu and the best part of a dimsum buffet? Free-flow food, made upon order!
Drunken Chicken in Hua Diao & Rose Dew Chinese WineCherry Garden does their meats really well, including this chilled drunken chicken! I really fancied the strong alcohol kick in the tender chilled chicken. Perfect!
Honey-glazed Kurobuta Pork Char Siew – Don’t miss out on their signature charsiew either! Made from the kings of pork, Japanese black pigs, its texture is consistent in every piece, without the usual fatty parts.
Cantonese-style Roasted Pork Belly – Save some space for this roasted pork too! A crackling pork skin is promised and the conglomeration of meat and fats within the same bite is just satisfyingly sinful.
Double-boiled Chef’s Soup of the Day – Cantonese restaurants do their soups best, so I highly encourage you to go with some nourishing soup!
Sweet Corn Chicken Soup w Egg White
Crystal Dumplings w Assorted Fresh Mushrooms & Zucchini – Pretty… normal.
Steamed Pork Siew Mai w Baby Abalone – The baby abalone was indeed puny, but never mind that, the combination with the fillings was still superb.
Steamed Juicy Pork Xiao Long Bao – I absolutely love XLBs, I mean how can anyone not? Juicy and plump, these definitely won my nod of approval.
Steamed Kurobuta Char Siew Bao – A must-order for my mum. If you ask me though, I’d rather save stomach space for more unique dishes.
Steamed Custard Bun w Yam – Milder in terms of flavours as compared to the original liushabao, this proved to be a healthier version with the sprinkles of pumpkin seeds. Interesting!
Deep-fried Spring Roll w Seafood – My interest was piqued when I saw this being served to another table and decided to order some fried food this time round! Served piping hot, the spring roll was extremely crunchy and revealed an extremely fragrant filling that consisted of what I presume to be mashed seafood, herbs and whatnot. Super yumz!
Wafer-wrapped Cod Fillet w Black Pepper – The wafer was air-light while the cod nicely marinated. Another outstanding dish for me.
Braised Cod Fillet w Spinach Tofu – I don’t remember enjoying this dish since I prefer my cod to be steamed. Frying it before putting gravy over essentially loses the flavour of the cod.
Steamed Live Prawns w Minced Garlic – The prawns were fresh to boot! Order extras if you have to!
Crispy Wasabi-aioli Prawns w Fresh Mango & Cod Roe – This is another one that was highly-recommended by the staff! The wasabi aioli was a little too punchy for me though, which caused tears to well up in my eyes.
Sauteed Hong Kong Young Vegetables w Garlic – You know what? Even the vege here will make your money worth – just look at how fresh and perfect each of them look!
Chilled Cream of Mango w Sago Pearls, Pomelo & Lime Sobert – With generous amounts of mango cubes and pomelo sacs, this could never go wrong.
Homemade Organic Black Bean Pudding w Japanese Sesame Ice Cream – I’m not too sure what happened here, but instead of black bean pudding, I was served with avocado cream with sesame ice cream, which was such a dear! My favourite elements combined into one was just a dream come true.
Cherries in Nui Er Hong & Kuei Hua Chen Wine Cocktail Jelly, w Refreshing Lychee Sobert – What I liked about this one here was the lychee sobert. However, I think nui er hong is pretty much an acquired taste?
Chilled Osmanthus Jelly – I just have to order my favourite osmanthus jelly despite being filled to the brim! I never ever leave a Chinese restaurant without ordering these lovelies if I spy them on the menu!

Dimsum brunch can just be as satisfying as egg brunches! Why not spend the whole afternoon lazing over one of the best dimsums you can have in Singapore?


Cherry Garden @ Mandarin Oriental Hotel
5 Raffles Ave
Tel: 6338 0066

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