Luxe @ Keong Saik Road

Luxe is the latest Australian addition to Singapore’s café culture! Hailing from Sydney, Luxe started out as a bakery in 2008 and branched out into various concept café-restaurant in Sydney. Riding on the up and coming wave of our local café culture, Luxe debuted in Singapore merely a month ago, as a café-restaurant-bar, in a lovely space at Keong Saik.
We were greeted by this set of lovely setup as we stepped in from the unassuming entrance.
A vision of perfection, if you ask me. *swoons*
Head left and you’ll see bottles of alcohol lined up against the wall and a marble-brass bar counter fills the length of the space, ending beside the glamourous wine fridge and kitchen (see below).  Have you spotted the beer taps?
More high table counters!
Loving the clean lines and the entire look of Luxe!
Another cosy corner – great for night-time snacks and drinks.
Poached Eggs with Sourdough with Side of Avocado ($13+$5) – I was initially served with Raisin & Walnut Sourdough but being a raisin-hater, I requested for a change to a plain one instead and the staff very nicely accommodated my request! Living up to its reputation of a bakery in Sydney, the sourdough was amazing! The thickness of the bread was cut just right to soak up the yolk of my poached eggs. Served toasted, the crust was crunchy while the bread itself was pillowy and dense. Truthfully, I haven’t enjoyed sourdough as much as at Luxe. You can choose to add bacon or mushroom or tomatoes at $5 each. Yours truly stayed loyal to the choice of avocado.
One more shot of this delicious mess.
Almond Milk Chia Seed Pudding w Coconut & Banana ($9) – Surpise, surprise! Healthy food can be just as tasty! The BFF mentioned that she could have this every morning for breakfast and I totally second that. And most importantly, we are not health freaks – hence sentiments are unbiased. 😉 That said, this healthy concoction had an unexpected fragrance that really delighted our tastebuds. Moreover, $9 for so such a substantial amount of chia seeds? Anytime!
Flat White ($5) – Brewed using Toby’s Estate beans, definitely received a nod of approval.
Cold Pressed Orange Juice ($6) – Great Vitamin C booster!
As we headed here after a flea market, we could not try their lunch menu which included Hanger Steak Burger at $24 and Fresh Oysters at $36! Definitely calls for another round of visit! 😀

Luxe Singapore
1 Keong Saik Road, #01-04
Tel: 6221 5615

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