LongPlay Bar @ Haji Lane

The BFF and I were so excited to head down to LongPlay when we first heard about it! By the Unlisted Collection, LongPlay is the perfect hideout for vinyl lovers, with over 3000 vinyl-only titles in tow. Soak in the amazing music here the whole night and what’s more, you can even bring along your private vinyl collections on certain nights.
Full house on most weekend nights, this long and narrow bar oozed a sense of exclusivity. It felt as though my adulthood was validated once I stepped into this space – a huge contrast from what was happening outside along Haji Lane.
I was in love with the sleek furnishings at LongPlay – anyone would. Polished mahogony dark wood and leather – the combination that spells sexiness. Between tables are overhanging pieces of white cloth for more privacy.
Buttermilk Chicken w Coronation Sauce ($12) – This is one hellavu fried chicken! Marinated for 2 days, each piece was tender and well-seasoned and crispy to boot. The dipping sauce was the diggity bomb too – if you miss MacDonald’s curry sauce, this is the 100% improved version of it. Trust me, you would have not tried buttermilk chicken, until you’ve tried this.
Togarashi Squid w Harissa Dip ($14) – This was good in its own rights, except when you’ve had such a fantastic fried dish previous to this, it’s really hard to accept anything less. That said, it was really thoughtful that the squid slices were thin and bite-sized – you will not want to look unglam by stuffing huge calamari rings here! 😉 The spices were on spot and the dipping sauce was amazing too.
Daily Special: Scallop Carpaccio ($15) – I can have tonnes of these scallops! Each piece had undivided attention from the chef, as they were dressed with countless condiments to achieve the harmonious burst of flavours in the mouth. Only if this was a permanent stay on the menu…
Pork Sliders w Granny Smith Puree ($18) – These sliders must be the smallest ones I’ve had. It’s definitely true when I said you have to keep your manners in check here (not in a bad way). Even the kitchen knew better to make their portions small. The buns were rather soft, but I found the pork pieces to be a tad tough. The apple puree did its part to spice up the slider as a whole. Good for tummy-filler, I suppose!
Woodchuck Hard Cider ($15) – Loving the metal mug! Nice and light cider.
Noche y Dia Brut Nature, Barcelona Sparkling Wine ($18) – The only sparkling wine by glass, which I won’t recommend. Too dry for me. Cocktails would have been a better option instead!

I was pleasantly surprised at how impressive the food here was! Well, say goodbye to shoddy bar food, ‘cos LongPlay has just upped the standards. The cool quotient aside, this has certainly become my favourite bar of 2015.

4 Bali Lane
Tel: 6291 3323
Tues – Thurs: 18:00–00:00
Fri – Sat: 18:00–01:00
Sun: 16:00–00:00

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