A.e.i.o.u Café @ King George’s Avenue

When I first saw the café name, I foolishly tried pronouncing it, without realising that it was a sequence of vowels – A.E.I.O.U. At a.e.i.o.u, they go back to basics, where a space is re-created to connect its customers to the nature and to bring back childhood memories with many vintage collectables. Their menu consists of dishes that emphasis on health benefits too.

Just look at the amount of details put into this café! From recyclables, to the green wall and artful furniture, I thought I was entering a vintage toy museum. Also, even without aircondition, the natural wind coming into the café was strong.

An eclectic mix of elements where used copper pipes doubled up as lamp post.

Every angle was photo-worthy! It took us quite a while to settle down and place our orders. 😉

Beaten Up Pinata [Spanish inspired egg dish w garlic, onion & diced peppers] ($12.90) – Having just returned from Spain last week, I have to say that there is no semblance of Spanish influence in this dish. I probably had this in my hotel, when I ordered a breakfast omelette.

Hot Chick from Head to Toe [Roasted whole chicken stuffed w garlic, rosemary & thyme, served w salad & 2 sides] ($22.90) – Good to share between 3 people, this is by far the most value-for-money brunch dish I’ve had! When the chicken arrived, the presence of aromatic herbs was distinct. Fresh out of oven, the chicken was juicy and tender, though as expected the breast meat was a little tougher than the thighs. What’s more, the sides were delicious – butter corn, sautéed mushrooms and house salad – that went equally with the chicken. I was digging the dijon mustard too.

Viet Iced Coffee ($4.50) – My coffee came in an innovative, laser-cut, recycled glass bottle. Absolutely Instagram-worthy and it did help to keep my coffee chilled for a longer period of time. The Viet Iced Coffee had a nice aroma to it, something a little different than my usual brews. Approved.

I really enjoyed the ambience at A.e.i.o.u Café and I’m sure the rest of its customers did too (as I eavesdropped to feedback of the adjacent table). They love to keep things fresh, so do look out for their seasonal dishes!


A.e.i.o.u Café
111 King George’s Avenue

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