Paddy Hills Café @ South Buona Vista Road

I’m pretty sure Paddy Hills’ address will ring a bell to many Singaporeans as this is where the long-running and famous South Buona Vista Duck Rice used to stand. A 360 degree overhaul was given to this space, bringing a whole new lease of life to it. Apart from its drop-dead gorgeous interior design (which you’ll see later), Paddy Hills’ innovative dishes and impressive platings drew inspirations from many famous cafés in both Sydney and Melbourne. Its Head Chef, previously from Clifford Pier of Fullerton Bay Hotel, has also successfully infused local flavours into the menu. Paddy Hills also prides itself in its fresh, homemade ingredients, from batters to sauces accompanying dishes.

Do take note that there are different menus served for breakfast/lunch and dinner, and it’s opening on 3 March 2015.

A communal table sits right at the front of the house. Great for big parties, especially since there are sharing portions for dinner! 😉

Cosy corners, ideal for afternoon chats.

This is also where I’m more excited about – the coffee counter! The bronze long counter, lined with luxe jade-green tiles, encourages meaningful interaction between the barista-by-day-and-bartender-by-night, and the customers. For coffee connoisseurs, this will be heaven, as different techniques of hand-brewed coffee are available, as well as bean types.

Some serious coffee business going on here. For a barista to perfect his/her brew, these machines definitely play a huge part.

While you wait for your food to arrive, you’ll be treated to some ‘live action’!

[Side] Cauliflower Fritters [Paprika Salt & Masala Yoghurt] ($12) – A much, much healthier from its fries and mayo counterpart, these cauliflower fritters will make you a veggie-convert if you aren’t already one. The unique masala yoghurt sauce also gives an added sourness to the starter.

[Side] Toasted Spicy Rice Cakes [Goma, nori, gochujang mayo & shaved cured egg yolk] ($15) – To me, this a deconstructed Korean Tteokbokki. The rice cakes had a nice toasted outer layer – not the fried and battered ones, but a slight crisp texture. The dense mochi within remains. One-of-a-kind for sure, but it’ll be one dish that requires sharing.

Moving on to the mains! Couldn’t resist a few of these pose-y shots as the natural lighting here is crazy good!

Plantation [Quinoa, variety of tomatoes, olive dust, puffed rice, pine nuts & pomegranate] ($17) – Apart from the signature brunch dishes at Paddy Hills, you’ll find various dishes that are catered to the more health-conscious ones, as well as vegetarians. Take this for example, a completely green dish that is high in nutrition, yet fancy at the same time. The olive dust is derived from the blending of dehydrated olives. Three types of tomatoes were used, together with the vitamin-packed quinoa. Healthy eating has definitely take up a new definition with this one!

Beetroot Carpaccio [Ribbons of baby carrot & cucumber, tofu, sweet onion gel, yuzu caviar & burdock] ($18) – Another vegetarian dish that will put so many others out there to shame. You may not be one who fancies the taste of beetroot, but you have to give this a go. I promise it’ll be worth it. The thin slices of beetroot was paired with a tart dressing that completely covered any unpleasant, raw taste of the beetroot. The cubes of lightly-fried tofu reminded me of Japanese agedashi-tofu too. The crunchiness from the root vegetables, combined with the mushy texture of the tofu and crispy burdock was a delight to the palate.

Salmon Carpaccio [Rice crisps, house-cured salmon, pickled wakame, yuzu caviar, cream cheese, baby radish & crispy capers ($18) – Cured in-house, the salmon comes in thick, decadent slices that are not salty like the usual smoked salmon in brunch dishes. The cream cheese provided a Western flavour to them, while the wakame delivered a Japanese take. Note: you may not want to share.

Golden Mantou Sliders [Beef patty w 3 cheese, purple sweet potato fries, homemade BBQ sauce, pickled shallot & cherries] ($23) – The most outstanding component of this dish must be the homemade BBQ sauce, created by the chef’s secret recipe. You can dip you purple sweet potato fries in them or lather your sliders with it. The pickled shallots and cherries, made in-house again, were amazing in helping to whet your appetite.

Big Breakfast [2 slices of toasted bread, house-cured salmon, bacon steak, double-roasted mushrooms, chunky avocado, caprese & eggs done your way (63 degree, poached, fried, scrambled)] ($24) – I had the eggs done poached but I’ll recommend having them done 63 degree, or sous vide instead! In this big breakfast, you’ll get the house-cured salmon, the star dish I was raving about, on the side. The rest of the components were just as wonderfully done too. At Paddy Hills, you won’t find miserably thin and charred supermarket bacon slices, as these homemade bacon steaks are done using chunks of kong ba, or pork belly. My friends even wanted to have extra servings of the amazing bacon steak, all to themselves! The mushrooms were extremely fragrant too. A breakfast worth leaving your house for on a weekend.

Kimchi Fried Rice [Hanger steak, ito togarashi, negi, nori & sous vide egg] ($20) – For those who want a change from western brunch dishes, you can opt for this instead! The rice doesn’t come too spicy but it is highly addictive to say the least. Paired with sous vide egg on top, you can smash the egg right into the rice or dribble it over the steak. A highlight of the dish, the steak slices are tender and on point.

Potato & Fish [Rosti, seared sea bass, fried egg, sauteed mushrooms & deconstructed bagna cauda] ($22) – The rosti here is much finer than the ones you’ll find at Marché, as it helps to soak up the wonderful deconstructed bagna cauda sauce better. Bagna Cauda is a sauce that combines garlic and cream, with anchovies blended in too. However, at Paddy Hills, the anchovies are cooked together intact, instead of blended, to reduce any possible fishiness. Very well thought out I must say. However, the skin of the sea bass was not crispy enough, hopefully this will be fine-tuned before its opening.

Orange Ricotta Pillows [Fluffy pancakes, orange caramel, citrus salad & crushed pistachios] ($18) – Wow, wow, wow. 100 points for Instagram-worthiness. This thick stack of pancakes was so fluffy! The texture was consistent throughout all three pancakes and there were bits of orange peels within. What I love most about this dish is the citrus salad – a combination of yellow and orange grapefruit and torched orange. Pair it with the coconut ice cream on the side and you’ll be in tropical heaven in no time.

Berry Ricotta Hotcake [Blueberry sugar, berries, pine nuts, mascarpone & maple syrup] ($19) – This is some legit pancake. Do take note that this is a very different texture from the fluffy Orange Ricotta Pillows. This comes in as a little crispier and crumbly with lots of blueberries within the hotcake and pockets of maple syrup drenched within. I personally prefer this to the Orange Ricotta Pillows but the boys prefer the former!

The Asian Brick [Thick brûlée brioche french toast, goreng pisang, butternut squash puree, purple sweet potato, yam ice cream, gula melaka & marcona almonds] ($18) – The goreng pisang stole the limelight in this one. The entire dish consisted of so many components that I hesitated for a little while before deciding which piece of food I should sink my fork into. The banana was well-riped, resulting in a sweet and mushy state that clings on to the fried batter well. Drizzled with some gula melaka, this was both heaven and sin. The french toast took a different form this time round, tasting more like sponge cake. Great for value, great for sharing.

Lollies [Yuzu jello, earl grey lolly, vanilla foam, raspberry dust, crushed pistachios & sea salt caramel marcona almonds] ($16) – Finally, a café has decided to serve homemade lollies on a plate! Both icy and jelly-like it’s one dessert that I haven’t found elsewhere. The almonds were a dream too.

Prepping my cold-brew!

Ice Filtered Iyego Gatuba AA from Kenya [Dark ripe berries, plums & blackcurrants] ($7) – I tried a number of different coffees and hand-brews, and this was my favourite. Extremely smooth and pleasant, this is less acidic and fruitier. Skip your usual cuppas and go for this!

Peanut Butter, Choc, Banana Milkshake [Torched marshmallows & shaved dark chocolate] ($11) – As for those who really are anti-caffeine, Paddy Hills got you covered too. The milkshakes here are comparable or even better than the ones at Overeasy. It’s thick, dense, creamy and exploding with flavours. Not for the faint-hearted.

Yuzu Effervescence [Yuzu, infused plum sugar, hokkaido sugar & tahitian vanilla extract] ($7) – A number of coolers are also available. This is one that I’ll highly recommend. Yuzu juice is freshly squeezed, not pre-packed (I wonder how many yuzus are needed for a cup like this) and the plum sugar created a twist to it. You have to try it to know it. But this is easily, one of my favourite drinks here!

Pinkish Lemonade [Thyme, pomegranate & a dash of rose water] ($7) – A good taste cleanser as it’s very light (and a pretty sight too).

[Cocktail served only at night] Paddy’s Elixir [Fresh grapes, pink sake & yoghurt] ($15) – PINK sake; how can Foodiepink not try this? And yes, this is officially my favourite cocktail of the year. Extremely refreshing and fruity, this is a lady’s drink for sure.

[Cocktail served only at night] Gin Kit [Hendricks, grapefruit & sweet basil] ($15) – Here’s one for the guys, while I drool over the copper mug.

That’s all from me for Paddy Hills! Remember to head out and snap your #OOTD at this graffiti wall, inspired by food! If you notice, all the food illustrations are in colours – croissant as bull’s horns, drumstick as dinosaur’s body, etc.

So here’s one from me! #OOTD

Paddy Hills is looking to be the café of the year with its extremely strong menu and drool-worthy dishes. Time to be best friends with the barista-by-day-and-bartender-by-night. 😛

Head over to Dejiki’s blog for a photo tour!

*Back at Paddy Hills on a weekend and the waiting time was longer than usual. Please be prepared to be patient with the service and kitchen crew ‘cos they’re constantly running on full house! That said, I’m glad that the standard of food has remained awesome.


Paddy Hills
38 South Buona Vista Road
Tel: 6479 0800

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  1. Melody Ju says:

    looks so good! wanna try!

    1. foodiepink says:

      Highly recommended! Just gotta be mindful that they’re so popular now that the waiting time has been spiked. But food remains as good! 😀

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