Kilo at Pact @ Orchard Central

Orchard Central has many well-hidden gems that require certain amount of sheer luck to uncover. Located within a retail shop is Kilo at Pact that serves fusion food. 
Concrete bar tables with wooden chairs and a centerpiece of cacti – elements of nature blended with urban ones.
The right picture shows the logo of Kilo at Pact, so you’re definitely at the right place if you see this huge sign. My friend and I had to double-check with the waiter to make sure that we didn’t mistake this for another restaurant as there wasn’t any fathomable wording!
The picture on the left shows a “greenhouse” that shares the same space as the retail shop and restaurant.
Bottle of distilled water that costs $6. You can just order cold/warm water that comes free of charge.
Raw’s Seafood Ceviche ($19) – Tuna, octopus, salmon in Thai chilli-lime dressing. The highlight of this dish must be the avocado as this was the only time I accepted avocado. With the acidity of the dressing, the buttery and creamy texture of the avocado was much appreciated. I felt that the dressing was a tad too strong and salty for the raw seafood. If you love sashimi, this may not a dish that you’d want to order.
Baby Eggplant ($12) – In donburi sauce, marscapone cheese and tempura flakes. A must-order at Kilo at Pact! This dish is the epitome of fusion food – cheese and donburi sauce – the most mismatched of ingredients that turned out to be a match made in heaven. The eggplants were perfectly grilled and seasoned in the sauce. Layer each slice of eggplant with cheese and tempura flakes and you’re in for a symphony of tastes.
Ebiko ($18) – Capellini in light cream, smelt roe and sautéed prawns. This reminded me very much of Five & Dime’s Mentaiko Pasta, with the addition of fresh, succulent prawns! It’s one of those pastas that will brighten up your day and you can’t stop after the first mouth. But seriously, can they make their portion bigger please? 😛
Interesting greenhouse structure!
These shirts sold at the affiliated retail shop are hand-illustrated by a local artist! Way too cute to resist, and we should support our local artists!

Kilo at Pact has impressed me with their idea of fusion and the entire vibe of the restaurant. Service was very prompt as well. Do yourself a favour and order the Baby Eggplants when you’re there. I can’t wait to be back to try their sushi rolls that are wrapped up like taco rolls!

Kilo at Pact
Orchard Central, Level 2
[Access from escalator outside the building and you’ll reach the restaurant directly]
Tel: 6884 7560

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